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Mujiono Sembahulun

Meet the Star Trek Tour Lombok team.

After study tourism at Het Schone Streven tourism school in Senggigi. S.T.T Lombok owner Mujiono Sembahulun – ‘ M u j i ’ found his career enjoyable. In his home village of Sembalun, he is involved with many community programs. He is one of the English teacher and technical guiding at several of the branches of the Community Development Centre and with that in mind he decided to start a tourism business that would employ local people and support the village.

Muji is very proud of his staff at S.T.T Lombok, especially his guides because of the way they serve the clients who do the hike to Mount Rinjani or Tours. Like all friendly local people, S.T.T Lombok staff always greet travelers with a warm smile. To learn more about Mount Rinjani Trekking Guide or Tour Contact Us.